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Ragnarok Online 2 Error Fix

Are you experiencing Ragnarok Online 2 Errors? Do you want to know how to fix Ragnarok Online 2 Errors? Then check out  Addicu's guide below:

RO2 Patching and Installation FAQ

I never encountered the two first issues (Problems) so if the solutions do not work look for more alternatives. Also, I'd like to add that this doesn't include ALL the problems, only the most common ones and not all of the solutions are guaranteed to work either.


- Problem: String file not found

This could be an error caused by files not being found, try to make sure you have your game client properly installed and patch applied correctly. It is suggested that you use the manual patch as the 'Updater' has problems running correctly.

* Solution: Uninstall the Ragnarok Online game client and re-install it. Apply Manual patches found below.



IMPORTANT: Make sure the patch-path is identical to your Game client path.


- Problem: Syntax Error/Bar 6 Stuck (Bar is not moving)

Bar 6 is the most common problem. It is simply a connection timeout between you and the servers. Wait for the 'Updater' to close and try again. Make sure that you have proper connectivity to the servers by typing "nslookup" in the CMD prompt. If you have no connectivity attempt to flush your DNS or reset your connection by giving your modem/router a hard-reset.

* Solution: Keep trying.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have any instances of the Game Client closed by going through your Task Manager. Any running Game client will make you unable to run the Patcher.


- Problem: The Patcher/Updater isn't updating/Stuck saying "Update in progress"

Another connection timeout.

* Solution: Give it a few minutes, if it doesn't start just restart the client/patcher.

IMPORTANT: Do not close it too fast, sometimes it takes a couple of minutes before you can estabish a connection to the patch-server.


- Problem: HSUpdater/HackShield Update _AhnHS_HSUpdateEx Error Code = 30000030

The final issue that I have run into. So far this one has had many fixes but still causes errors. I still have not found a solid fix for this but there are several things you could try that have worked for others. As for the error code "30000030" another code that I encountered was "3000fff" but was easily fixed with 'Solution #2'. This one may repeat itself, so make sure that you keep trying.

Additionally, I had a Proxy service that kept interferring with HShield.

* Solution #1: Download a working HSHIELD folder and unpack it in your game client folder. Links below.



IMPORTANT: Scan any files for malware or backdoors before unpacking ANYTHING.

* Solution #2: Disable your firewall. Although not a very friendly solution you could disable it temporarily for fixing this issue, at the same time try to disable your anti-virus as well.

You can access the Windows Firewall by going through 'Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Firewall'

IMPORTANT: Remember to RE-ENABLE them after you're finished.

IMPORTANT: Remember to disable them BEFORE you run the client. Disabling them during the proccess will NOT WORK.

* Solution #3: Disable any kind of proxy software/service that you may have running. You can access services by going through 'Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services'

* Solution #4: Download the latest PhysX Drivers


ATI: No Support.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you wait sufficient amount of time before closing the HShield Updater. DO NOT close it yourself, let the process close itself!

* Solution #5: Change the target host of the patcher.

Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

Edit your HOSTS file with notepad and add # RO2 Patch Server

If you can't Edit Hosts file, or it won't let you, copy it to your home directory change it there, then copy replace it back to the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

IMPORTANT: You are editing Windows files at your own risk! Be careful!


- Problem: Win32 application error

* Solution: The manual patch you applied was the wrong version. Find the correct version in the link below, a reinstall should not be necessary however if it still does not work. Re-install the client and apply the patch again.



- Problem: Transparent Windows and Misaligned Text

Solution: Change your Format Language to English.

To access the Language setting go to 'Control Panel -> Clock, Language, and Region -> Region and Language'


By S.A - Addicu from PLAYPARK FORUM


Hackshield Error: I've managed to bypass the Firewall/Antivirus issue by installing the latest PhysX drivers.

Added Win32 application error.

Hackshield Error: PhysX update is a hit-or-miss. Not sure if it was a benefitting factor in actually fixing the error. But sometimes I can access the game without disabling the Firewall/Antivirus software.

Added Transparent Window Bug

Added another solution to the Hackshield Error, apparently this is a guaranteed fix. Which just means the error is a connection timeout.

To check out ADDICU's updated guide and links of fixing and patching Ragnarok Online 2 visit here.

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  1. Any guide about "invalid patch file"? This happens whenever I patch my ro2.

  2. Have you tried Uninstalling Ragnarok Online 2? I would suggested you uninstall it then reinstall again and use the patch

    1. Yeah I've tried it two times. I downloaded the manual patch and it gives me the same error. :(

    2. Try it once more... but make sure.. after uninstalling... You do the following:

      1. RUN CLEANER with CCCleaner
      Download - CCCleaner here
      To clean your temp files.
      2. Make sure C:\PlayPark\RO2 has no file left it should be empty. If you can't find the RO2 Folder anymore, much better.
      3. Turn Off you firewall temporarily.
      4. Run Ragnarok 2 INSTALLER and Ragnarok 2 PATCH as ADMINISTRATOR

      Send me a reply if you encounter the same Ragnarok 2 error again. =)

    3. It now gives me this kind of error, pic below:

      I guess I'll just copy a patched ro2 from a friend :((

    4. That would be a better idea. At least you are now launching the game and the patch updating is now the only problem. =)

  3. I have problem like this

    How can i solve that ?

    please help me .. thanks before ..

  4. i have a problem on running it on windows 8, why did it delay so much, i didn't had any other problem. the problem is with the compability, i try to run it on window 7 mode and XP service pack 3, both got the same problem an nothin change. help me please.

  5. my problem is it say "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly"

    1. what should i do???please help me...

  6. why the size of my installer is 3.86gb only i DL it from the main page of play park in pando media booster help me plss

  7. I will try this man thanks for this,.. I tried everything but nothing will happen I hope this one will work

  8. updater stuck ): can't load playpark page. tried several times restart my router but still can't connect to their page nor the updater is running.

    how? ):

  9. Do u know how to fix the Error in shader parser??
    Before i can play the game but one day it has a error like this...

  10. I cant install client. Eror:
    An error occurred while applying security settings. Users is not a valid user or group. This could be problem with the package, or a problem connecting to a domain controller on the network. Check you network connection and click ''Retry'' , or "Cancel" to end the install

    1. Same Here, i do not know what to do O_O

    2. The same problem here. I am trying to discover about it, if i do, i will say it here, stay alert.

    3. I found it! just download this and move on the paste you downloaded the game and replace it. Now try to install. It worked here, i hope it work with you guys too.

    4. Thanks Lucan Renam, for some reason it worked! but i'm still wondering what was the fucking problem with the previous .exe

    5. This is the solution:

      Create a user group on on your windows called "Users" and then add the user "Administrator" and your default user to it. This worked for me!!

    6. What Allan Matiello said worked for me. But I only created a new useraccount called Users.

      Then I went to the installer, right click, security, adjust, add a user and type User under objectnames. Give that user all the permissions and it worked.

  11. I'm with the "update in progress" bug, i've tried all the solutions and none have worke (i've already tried all them together all in different ways but none works) can someone please help me? (sorry, bad english)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I set to download and tells me it's a virus, I need help!

  14. they say to me: cannot find PhysX-9.10.0514_SystemSoftware.msi int the

    help please = (

  15. i need help too cannot find PhysX-9.10.0514_SystemSoftware.msi int the we need help!!


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